Eucalyptus Afternoon
oil on panel
Big Sur Mist
12x16, oil/panel
China Camp Marsh
18x18, oil/canvas
Golden Hills & Eucalyptus
16x20, oil/panel
Heading to Phoenix Lake
30x24, oil/canvas
Jack London's Backyard
16x20, oil/canvas
Lagonitas Late Light
9x12, oil/canvas
Lake Tahoe Sun
18x24, oil/canvas
Olema Valley Afternoon
24x24, oil/canvas
Marin Open Space
18x14, oil/panel
Palms and Cypress
20x16, oil/canvas
St. Vincent's Entry
24x20, oil/canvas
San Antonio Rd
16x20, oil/canvas
Seminary Light
18x14, oil/panel
Petaluma River
18x24, oil/panel
SP Taylor Afternoon
20x20, oil/canvas
St Vincent's Fountain
20x24, oil/canvas
View From Blackie's Field
24x30, oil/canvas
Melisa's Garden
18x14, oil/panel
Point Lobos Afternoon
14x18, oil/panel
Bolinas Ridge Revisited
24x30, oil/canvas