​I was born and grew up in Yuba City, a small rural town in Northern Ca. I received my first education in oil painting from Mrs. Weber at her ranch the summer after 2nd grade. 
Her joy and enthusiasm is probably why I paint today.  My formal art education was at California State U. Sacramento as well as illustration and graphic design at San Francisco City College.

I have been showing my paintings of landscape, still life and the figure in shows and galleries in the San Francisco Bay area for many years. I work principally in oil on canvas or panel.

As a native Northern Californian, I am drawn to explore the light, shadows and patterns of this unique area. As did my sea faring, boat building ancestors, I share a deep affinity to the coastal shores, valleys and hills. 

I am excited by color transforming from warm to cool and dark to light. I am also intrigued by patterns in natural compositions of positive and negative space. 

I paint because I enjoy the finished creation and also because of exquisite place to which I venture, when in the middle of a good painting. My colors are rich, my shadows vibrant, my soul Mediterranean.
About Me